1993 UTexas Formula-SAE Car

Engine:       1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6-D
Intake:       Camden vane blower, MSD 60# injectors, custom kevlar intake
Exhaust:      Custom 4-into-1 header with SuperTrapp tip
Ignition:     MSD 7AL-2, Mallory Promaster coil, MSD spiral core wires
Tranny:       6 speed with steering-wheel actuated air shifter (up and down)
Wheels:       13x6 Compomotive
Suspension:   Custom transverse leafspring with monoshock, carbon fibre rockers and pull rods, unequal length A-arms, aluminum uprights.
Differential: Gleason Torsen prototype from Toyota 4x4, aluminum and carbon fibre housing
Gauges:       Autometer Tach & Temp, idiots light for oil pressure and ECU
ECU:          EFI Technology Performance Series, speed density with peak & hold drivers, and ignition control

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